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The Memory and Aging Center at Keck Medicine of USC in Los Angeles provides the most advanced diagnostic and treatment services available for Alzheimer's Disease, other types of dementia and diseases related to aging. The center includes the memory clinic, the National Institutes of Health Alzheimer's Disease Research Center and two California Alzheimer's Disease Centers. The Alzheimer's Disease Research Center reaches out to the multi-ethnic communities in the greater Los Angeles area with focused efforts on cognitive changes related to aging, Alzheimer's disease and cardiovascular disease. We invite you and your family to find out more about our clinical trials and other services.

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April 27, 2017
KJLH Women’s Health Expo 2017 – Dr. Freddi Segal-Gidan to Speak

The KJLH Women’s Health Expo 2017 focuses on the health needs of the African-American Community. Dr. Segal-Gidan will be answering questions Saturday morning live on the radio, such as: Why is Alzheimer’s affecting the African American Community the way it is? Is there a difference between Alzheimer’s and Dementia? What can people due to decrease […]


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