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The Data, Imaging and Informatics core tracks the flow of participants, imaging, and biospecimens across the Center. It works with the Clinical and Pathology Core to upload the Uniform Data Set (UDS) to the National Alzheimer Coordinating Center (NACC). It offers research investigators access to large imaging and clinical databases from ADNI, ADRC, Program Project, and other NIH funded research studies. The Data Core provides expert biostatistical consultation and analyses to ADRC and affiliated investigators, including clinical trials, projects, and pilot studies.

Leadership team

Arthur Toga, PhD., Leader

Dr. Toga has a career-long record of funding and publication in the analysis, modeling and atlasing of images obtained from many species including humans. Dr. Toga directs several national and international collaborative studies that involve multisite acquisition of data, coordination of analysis, and dissemination of data and results. The USC Institute for Neuroimaging and Informatics (INI) and his laboratory coordinates neuroimage analysis and related informatics activities with national and international collaborators and, as such, is a worldwide resource by virtue of these distributive activities. Dr. Toga has experience and expertise in local and wide area computer networks, data transmission, storage and archiving as well as data compression and scientific visualization.