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KJLH Women’s Health Expo 2017 – Dr. Freddi Segal-Gidan to Speak

The KJLH Women’s Health Expo 2017 focuses on the health needs of the African-American Community. Dr. Segal-Gidan will be answering questions Saturday morning live on the radio, such as:

  • Why is Alzheimer’s affecting the African American Community the way it is?
  • Is there a difference between Alzheimer’s and Dementia?
  • What can people due to decrease the risk or is heredity involved?
  • Does diet play a role in keeping your brain functioning longer?
  • What are signs of Alzheimer’s?
  • Advice for Caregivers?
  • Is there a younger onset of Alzheimer’s or just a product of old age?
  • How to understand and respond to Dementia-Related Behavior?

See http://kjlhradio.com/event/womens-health-expo/ for the full schedule for April 29th at the Long Beach Convention Center.