Scientists & Researchers

Funded by the NIH, the USC ADRC focuses on mild cognitive changes related to aging, Alzheimer’s disease and cerebrovascular disease (CVD) in multi-ethnic communities. The USC ADRC has three overarching goals:

  • To elucidate vascular contributions to Alzheimer’s disease;
  • To catalyze local research in Alzheimer’s disease at USC (especially Phase I/Phase II clinical trials); and
  • To contribute expertise in vascular disease and imaging to national collaborative initiatives.
Collaboration is key and as an NIH-sponsored Alzheimer's Disease Research Center, we look for opportunities to share our resources with investigators.

For Information please call (323) 442-7600


Investigators are encouraged to use ADRC resources, including Cores and established subject cohorts.   Interested investigators are asked to work closely with at least one of the Core or Project leaders. At any time, investigators may submit a request to use ADRC resources.  In addition, each year, the ADRC will award $30,000 (direct costs) to 2 to 3 pilot projects (see pilot projects).

Investigators are also encouraged to review the data available at the National Alzheimer Coordinating Center (NACC) and to consider using the NACC database either as a supporting resource or as the central focus of proposed pilot projects. (Contact Data Core for more information: Arthur Toga Ph.D.).

After working with an ADRC Core or Project Leader, investigators who are interested in using ADRC resources should submit a written request for review by the Executive Committee.

Protocol Detail:   The protocol must be written in summary form, not to exceed 3 pages.  The protocol should follow USC IRB format.  It is acceptable to provide the RUC with the Protocol Detail used for the IRB

Each protocol must include:

  1. Title of the project, PI name, ADRC collaborator, other investigator names and affiliations
  2. A summary of the background information (with essential references) that provides the rationale for the study.
  3. A clear statement of the purpose of the study and any hypotheses that will be tested.
  4. A complete description of the specific ADRC resources needed to complete this project.
  5. If the study requires existing data already collected by the ADRC, a clear description of inclusionary and exclusionary criteria must be provided.  All demographic, medical, pathological, genetic, and behavioral data needed to complete the project must be identified.  Please be specific in generating the data request to facilitate data retrieval.
  6. If the study proposes to recruit ADRC participants into a study not conducted as part of the ADRC, a complete description of the subject sample and the experimental tasks (including the frequency, character and type of data collection procedures) must be provided including a discussion of benefits and risks for the participant.  The duration of the study for each participant should be stated as well as the total duration of the protocol.  Separate IRB approval is needed for all such projects.
  7. If the study proposes to analyze material stored by the ADRC for genetic, hormonal, or any other information not routinely analyzed by the ADRC, the researchers must describe the methods used to analyze the material. The protocol must include a discussion of possible risks and benefits to participants and whether the information obtained through the study will be disclosed to the participant.  Procedures to assure confidentiality must be discussed. A separate IRB approval is needed.
  8. A discussion of the sample size and statistical power should be included.
  9. Any possible financial investment the researcher may have in the outcome of the study must be disclosed.
  10. A time frame for completion of the project should be included.

The Executive Committee will request a status report on each approved proposal at six-month intervals. Investigators must agree to submit abstracts and manuscripts for review by the Executive Committee, to acknowledge NIA funding (P30 AG01542), and to submit accepted manuscripts to PubMed Central.

To Collaborate

To discuss collaboration, please contact the Center administrator, Elena Taylor-Munoz at 323-442-7674