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Do you have a design for your donation to our Center?

Do you have a design for your donation? You may wish set up a memorial fund in a deceased family member’s name where donations to the Center can be made in lieu of flowers. You may wish to set up an online donation “button” on our Center’s website. Visitors to our donation pages can see the name of your loved one and make an online donation in their name. You may use an event to invite attendees to make a donation to the Center. Events can include birthdays (donations in lieu of gifts), picnics, golf tournaments or holiday parties. You may wonder whether you can make a large asset donations to the Center. Our Center can assist you in donating cars, vehicles , or real estate, gift annuities, stock or trusts. If you have other ideas, tell us so we can help you make it happen. Your idea can help another donor find a meaningful way to make a donation! Now that you have an idea or design in mind, how do you contribute?