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Can I direct how my donation will be used?

Can I Direct How My Donation Will Be Used? When possible, we like to let our donors know how we have used their donations. In general, if we pool donated funds until a worthy research need arises, the funds can be used most efficiently. We work hard to use all the donations we receive prudently – whether $5 or $5,000. Here is how we have used our gifts in the past: Support for the day to day business of research – from laboratory supplies, to hosting scientific meetings. Support for a community outreach and education initiative – our outreach and education professionals host education events for community groups, our research participants and health professionals. Funding for innovative pilot research projects – Each year, the Center organizes a competitive pilot project application process. The best pilot projects are selected by a committee of established scientists. $15,000 – $30,000 can fund a small project for a year. If you would like to direct your donation(s) to a specific purpose , contact us and we will work with you!