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The ADRC is made up of 6 Cores:


Administrative Core (Helena Chui, Dir; Caleb Finch, Co-Director; Elena Taylor Munoz, Administrator) is responsible for overall scientific direction and administration of Center.  The Core solicits pilot projects, attracts new investigators, seeks critical external review and advice on scientific directions, focuses specifically on reducing Alzheimer and vascular contributions to cognitive impairment. 

Clinical Core (Lon Schneider, Director) Evaluates, enrolls, follows, and refers subjects with AD and other dementia to research projects using NACC UDS protocols.  Includes previous Spanish-Speaking Satellite. Provides standardized evaluations for subjects in Projects 1 and 3 using the UDS, Framingham Cardiovascular Risk Profile, and Aging Brain PPG protocols.  Participates in ADNI, ADCS, and other national research initiatives.

Data Management (Wendy Mack, Director) Designs and maintains a Web-based database, provides consultation for statistical design and analytic support, shares ADRC data with National Alzheimer Coordinating Center (NACC).  Includes Web-based entry of FCRP and retinal microvasculature data from Project 1, Project 3, LALES, and Aging Brain PPG. 

Pathology Core (Carol Miller, Director) Provides neuropathological diagnoses, distributes tissues, defines genotypes relevant to AD, VD, and other dementias, emphasizing standardized assessment of the severity of atherosclerosis and brain infarction.  Follows protocols established by the ADC Biospecimen Task Force. Coordinates storage and analyses of biomarkers.  Sends biomarkers and brain tissue to the Genome Wide Association Study. (GWAS).  Focuses on acute and chronic changes of hypoxia.

Education Core (Bradley Williams, Director) Works closely with the Clinical Core for subject recruitment and retention, with an emphasis on ethnic minorities, especially in Latino. Provides community education, emphasizing identification and reduction of vascular risk factors.

Imaging Core (Meng Law, Director) Facilitates use of state-of-the-art functional and structural neuroimaging by ADRC investigators and other investigators pursuing related brain imaging projects at USC and neighboring Institutes, to develop and maintain a web based neuroimaging database for archiving and retrieval of research neuroimages acquired by ADRC investigators and collaborators, and to educate investigators on the potential of structural/functional neuroimaging in AD research.