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Research Themes

The USC ADRC focuses on mild cognitive changes related to aging, Alzheimer disease (AD) and cerebrovascular disease (CVD) in multi-ethnic communities. We assume that the demographic heterogeneity in the dementias of aging can be understood in terms of gene-environment interactions. The next phase of this ADRC will draw from USC strengths in epidemiologic and longitudinal studies; in the molecular biology of aging and its diseases; and in genomics. We seek new basic and clinical and psychosocial approaches to the detection, cause, prevention, and treatment of early-stage cognitive impairments in human and in animal models. We also encourage proposals relevant to normal brain aging processes and to clinical stage dementias.

ADRC Pilot Projects

Every year the ADRC funds 1-2 pilot projects. The REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) is sent out in August and September of each project period by email, and it invites interested clinical and basic science investigators to submit letters of intent for one year pilot research projects.

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Investigators may request direct costs up to $35,000 per year for pilot projects. Duration of pilot projects is for 1 year. Non -USC investigators and sites must identify a USC collaborator and submit proposal as a subcontract to USC.

Investigators are encouraged to use ADRC resources, including Cores and established subject cohorts. 

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To discuss collaboration, please contact the Center administrator, Elena Taylor-Munoz at 323-442-7674